Ascents at Work

Thinning a Norway Maple

09.15.2021 Our Customer had a large Norway Maple that had been heavily pruned earlier, and consequently it had produced large, heavy suckers perpindicular off the main stem.  We explained the risks of heavily thinning a mature tree, and then reduced the weight of the canopy by a combination of trimming (thinning) and selecting large suckers to rig out and remove.  


Ash Removal Karen Drive

05.03.2021 On 5 March we were contracted to remove a large, dead Ash that had significant lower trunk decay.  As it was, the tree was over honey bee hives, a new fence, and various other garden pieces.  It is important in these trees to have multiple redundant anchors, and to be very careful rigging down pieces in fully control. 


Large Cedar Removal in Everton

8.01.2021 On 8 January we removed a large Cedar Tree in order to open up the back yard.  Our Customers want to improve their self sufficiency by building a large garden! What a great reason to open up the canopy.  They wood chips will be used for the garden and the Cedar will be finely split into kindling.


Ash Removal In Palgrave

06.12.2021 So our customer called us to remove this Ash at the right time.  It was blonding due to the Borer, but it still had a full canopy and missing very little bark. Whew.  Still- a hundred foot dead Ash is not too fun.  Carefully, warily we took this difficult to access tree.  Happy client, and a happy cord of firewood out of this!


Ash Removal on Echo Drive

2.02.2021 On 2 February we removed a very difficult dead Ash Tree.  The only open area beneath the tree was a few square meters where all the limbs had to be lowered carefully.  We pieced down appx 2,000 kg over a fence, bee-hive, and various ornamental shrubs.


Road Clearing @ Arkell Forest

23.01.20201 There is definitely winter in the area.  On January 23 we were busy in Arkell Forest clearing trees over the road access to the City of Guelph water infrastructure.  Mostly we were doing cleanup, but also identifying work that could pose potential hazard to infrastructure in the future.