• Climber Tim

The Weather Outside...

It's been quite an April and early May, this year. The weather has been really, really WET... and that leads to a host of problems for tree companies and their services. Wet weather means wet backyards, and so removing trees, dragging brush (etc) can really wreak havoc on the lawns. Stump grinders can create ruts, wheel barrels aren't much better, and we have issues with access.

Anywhere the tractor or truck have to go that is not on a paved or compact gravel road is a non-issue. Being axle deep in mud is not a recipe for productivity.

Last day for this old planting shovel. Broke the D-Handle it some tough grass.

Luckily, we've been able to focus our efforts on planting on our wetter days. The Green Legacy Programme for Wellington County is actually amazing. It allows land owners outside of the municipalities to order trees in order to plant on their property. They can order from a pretty good menu of Conifers and Hardwoods, tailored to their specific soil types. As an example, we planted Conifer stands along roadsides and active railway lines as future sound breaks for a farm, and in another case, we planted Black Walnut where, earlier, there was a terrible Buckthorn infestation in order to, in the future, prevent the seeding and spread of this terrible invasive shrub.

Of course, the sun is finally out! So, we'll trade the planting shovels for the climbing harnesses today, and get out and do some tree work!

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