• Climber Tim

Planting Trees

There was a bit of a distressing scene. I was driving up Hearn Avenue, to see several beautiful White Oaks laid out, on the ground. It's shocked me that trees as beautiful as those would be arbitrarily removed, in order to 'sever' a small City Lot, and that lot be FILLED with what would be, in all likelihood, an overly large house, gaudy, kitschy house.

It quite amazes me that we are getting rid of these trees, and, frankly, bull-dozing more and more farmland, woodlots and land, in general, in order to expand the City. It's quite ironic (hypocritical) that we 'vote' green in this City, pat ourselves on the back, and yet continue to voraciously expand in the name of Walmart, progress... you name it.

I didn't quote those removals, and I never would remove such beautiful, heritage trees. It is unconscionable, really.

At any rate, and in juxtaposition to what I saw - the tree butchery on Hearn Ave - we did have a good day putting trees in the ground. We planted a few hundred for a few committed clients around the City that like to demonstrate their commitment to trees, and the environment, rather than pay lip service. Here's the last tree of the day. May it escape that voracious monster that some call progress.

Last tree of the day. Black Walnut, my favourite.

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