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COVID 19 (and perspective...)

Learning to gather, teepee, light and enjoy a small backyard twig fire.

Well, this all happened pretty fast, and being into Month 1 of the Covid 19 outbreak, I can't say it's been good for business. I mean, basically (or, well, absolutely), we are doing zero business- but that's a big boat, full of other businesses in the same predicament. All things pass- and this too, will pass.

Firstly, I'd like to thank all of my clients, past, present, and future for the work you've given us. By hiring Ascents Tree Service (and other great, local tree companies like Full Circle Tree, JL's Tree and Pinnacle) you help support workers and families though out the community. We believe in small business- and likewise, even during these difficult times, we try to support other small businesses. We shop local, despise Amazon.com, and try to involve ourselves in the community as best as we can.

So, while we stay home and hope (and pray) for this to resolve, we also understand we are in for the long haul. It has given us some perspective. All this time, homeschooling the boys, has convinced us to homeschool them full time, at least for the foreseeable future. We believe a consistent homeschool curriculum will both 1) tailor to the strengths of each of our children and 2) prevent the disruptions of on again/off again schooling in the likely event that we see re-infection peaks until a vaccine is developed.

Our garden will be bigger this year. Our family will be closer.

As for tree work - if I storm blows a tree over, we can work. Otherwise, we will have to wait until the work restrictions are lifted, at which point we will work. Our crews will be within the family- literally the family living together - in order to preserve our social distancing and keep the older members of our family safe. We are focusing more on 'safer' work - tree pruning, safe removals, tree planting, and small forest management. We have people to refer, for larger work requiring big crews.

So, Ascents Tree will be around when this all blows over. Our great-grandparents survived the Great Depression, and while this may (or may not) be so severe, what I do know and remember of them is that they became better for it. My grandfather remembered fondly drinking potatoe-and-water soup while huddled around an oil lamp. They were some of the best years of their lives, and they made it through, just fine.

Everyone stay safe, healthy and happy.

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