COVID 19 Policy

Ascents Tree takes Covid 19 seriously.  Tree Services are considered an essential service by the Province of Ontario. We will continue to provide important services such as Hazard Tree and Limb Removal, Forestry Operations and Protection of Critical Infrastructure.  Furthermore, we are available for socially distant estimates for the 2021 season.  Some of our safe work practices pertaining to Covid 19 are:

  1. Any employees experiencing any cold or flu symptoms whatsoever are not permitted at work.  

  2. All employees will wear masks when sharing a work truck.  All employees are expected to practice acceptable hygiene including sanitizing hands before and after job, when entering the work truck, and when touching any public surfaces, before and after eating lunch.  

  3. All employees have outlined their respective 'social bubbles'.  Any deviation from this must be reported.  All employees will have to self quarantine from the business for 10 days if they have participated in social gatherings.

  4. All employees have been asked to refrain from any alcohol during this period, as it may impair judgement in social and physical interaction that could heighten risk of infection.  As a rule, no employees of Ascents Tree Service are permitted, at any time, to consume any narcotics including cannabis.

  5. Employees will maintain a 3m distance with Customers.  No employee is permitted, for any reason, to enter the house of any Customers.  While we appreciate the kindness of our Customers, we ask that no coffee or food is offered to our employees for the time being.

  6. Employees are not, nor have ever been, permitted to behave in ways that might help to spread Covid including sharing food, sharing water bottles, sharing communication devices and other equipment, spitting, consuming chewing tobacco and sharing note pads and site documentation.

At Ascents Tree Service, we are sensitive to the needs of vulnerable individuals and will continue to perform our duty in keeping the Urban Canopy safe for our Customers, and our fellow Canadians.  We thank our Employees and Customers for their patience and courage in dealing with these issues, and Pray that our Country comes through these trials Stronger, Wiser and more Free.